How to Get the Most From Travel Agents

Like most things in life, most people regard travel as important and hope to have great experiences at all times. In order to maximise the experience and manage the risks, your travel consultant is there to help. Here we look at how to best get great value from travel consultant, especially in the world where online booking systems are growing daily.

1. Do some homework on the travel professionals and his/her affiliations. This may help you decide which travel consultants to talk to. It will save you time. But above all look for someone who you can relate to.

2. Research the kinds of trips and destinations that interest you. Have your approximate dates in mind. Give this information to the travel agent and ask for thoughts, options or any other additions that you desire. All the while keeping in mind your budget. Share the amount of money that you want to spend on the holiday and be reasonable. This will impact the standard of luxury that you can afford. There is no such things as a free holiday. Bo open about the type of travel you prefer, particularly airline travel.

3. Ask about the risks of travelling to any destination. The risks of each country are unique and mitigating or managing the risks will be highly beneficial. Check with you doctor or a travel doctor about necessary vaccinations and other precautions.

4. If planning to take a holiday during busy or peak periods, make bookings early. Typically, at least 6 months in advance in order not to be disappointed. Planning early for any holiday is good advice.

5. Describe the types of people you want to meet or travel with, particularly if it is a long tour. Other travellers can impact your experience, so talk openly about this so that your holiday will be a more enjoyable experience.

6. Ask about “insider” information about any of the aspects of your travel plan. The travel agent can often provide valuable information that is not easily available online.

7. Explain any special interests, hobbies or special events that you may wish to pursue on the holiday. If traveling with a partner or other friends, list their interests as well. Not all options are shown on tour brochures. Many can be added at a lower cost when combined with a package.

8. Ask the travel agent about the weather and about what to take, particularly if you have not travelled to the destination previously.

Your travel consultant will try to provide you with the holiday that best matches your criteria. It is best to be always open and honest to avoid disappointments. Once, the travel is booked, all you have to do is wait and pack – then enjoy.

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